Combine travel, study and adventure in an immersive study abroad camp

Travel and Study is a company that operates camps in China, with the aim of giving international students the chance to see the world while also learning how to it. The initiative has a strong environmental focus, which we wanted to communicate in the company’s branding. This branding extended to company stationary and packaging, as well as their logo. 

We tackled the branding here conceptually. The logo, while simple, communicates a great deal about the company and what they want to achieve. It consists of two circles, one green and one blue, already bringing to mind nature and earth. The circles also represent the processes of study and travel – of listening, learning, understanding and sharing. In reality, these two processes are one and the same, which is why they intersect. In the logo, within that intersection of blue and green, you see our world – ultimately what the whole project is about. 

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