American-style Chinese food in Shanghai.

Designing the Fortune Cookie website was a chance for us to have a little fun. Managing the whole project, we took the ethos of the restaurant – to sell authentically American-style Chinese food – as our inspiration. 

As well as the quality of the food, we wanted to emphasize a joyful atmosphere and the sense of fun behind the concept. We achieved this by using a kitsch style along with American clichés and iconography, like a stereotypically ‘oriental’ font, empty takeout boxes, and flickering neon lights. Fun, but in a way that would really make expats feel nostalgic. As director of onsite photography, I also chose to place a focus on staff and real people to add to the impression of a lively and friendly atmosphere.

On a technical level the website is highly responsive and, crucially, extremely easy for the client to subsequently edit. The result was a vibrant website that quickly conveys the Fortune Cookie dining experience. 

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