Who I am

A Shanghai based graphic designer with years of experience working with both local businesses and established global brands. 

The path to here hasn’t exactly been straight and narrow. I spent 3 years training as a pastry chef; before spending 5 years working with glass and finally spending another 5 years training in fine art. But what all of these experiences have in common is one thing: craftsmanship. They have given me a dedication to care and excellence. 

That’s not all; they definitely gave me a unique perspective, too. My one-of-a-kind experience means that I make one-of-a-kind work. My philosophy is quality, the idea that my work has to be the best. 

As well as my own skills and experience, I also have a wide ranging network of professionals at my disposal. If a unique set of expertise or perspectives is necessary to bring a project to its best, I know who to contact and what to ask of them. 

When it comes to design this is what I provide: quality, uniqueness, and a comprehensive knowledge of how to brand, how to design, and how to communicate to the right customers in the right way.